‘We pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world’

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Aviation has the power to connect people and cultures. But air travel also contributes to global CO2 emissions. At Airbus, we are convinced that sustainable air travel is not only possible, but achievable in our lifetime. This is why we are taking a more robust approach to environmental protection and sustainability.

Health & Safety

Every employee has the right to a safe and healthy working environment. At Airbus, we believe employee health and safety is our social responsibility and a critical driver of our success. We strive to achieve a zero-harm culture in the way we conduct our business—from our day-to-day work to our actions in the communities in which we operate.

Human rights

Human rights are standards that strive to enable all people to live with dignity, freedom, equality and justice. At Airbus, respect for human rights is an essential part of responsible business conduct. We have zero tolerance for human rights abuses within our business, operations and supply chain. Our approach is aligned with the UN Guiding Principles and the UN Global Compact.

Corporate citizenship

Social responsibility matters – to our employees, our suppliers, our investors and our customers. At Airbus, we strive to use our business know-how as a force for good. As part of our long-term commitment to being a responsible business, we focus on stimulating socio-economic development, creating value-added employment and increasing access to education.

Inclusion & Diversity

At Airbus, we believe there is power in being different. Every day, our people express their unique voices and draw from their rich experiences to bring fresh ideas to our company. This is why we are committed to fostering inclusion and diversity in the workplace—one that welcomes every one of us.

Airbus Foundation

Airbus Foundation is at the heart of Airbus, committed to bringing together the products and people of our global aerospace company to help address the challenges of today's society. We support the work of disaster relief and emergency responders and inspire the next generation as they prepare to embrace their future.

Reporting & performance data

Sustainability performance reporting helps us to consider our impact on a range of issues. At Airbus, communicating on environmental, social and governance issues enables us to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities we face. We regularly interact with our stakeholders to identify risks and to better understand how we can apply our business know-how as a force for good.